The Emergence of All Progressive Congress(APC) and its Implications

The emergence of the All Progressive Congress(APC) has sparked and continued to generate a lot of reactions from the nigerian populace. To many its a good option and a strong competition to the ruling party(PDP) and to those in the PDP its a threat that shouldn’t ϐƐ allowed to thrive.

Firstly, the registration process of APC generated a lot of controversies and in the process making name for itself even before it birth. Finally, APC is born, Wα̲̅†̥ does this portend for the political firmament of this country?

Nigerians have languished in abject leadership for over a decade of democracy. Interestingly and surprisingly too was that,the former president Olusegun Obasanjo who has had the longest spell in governance lending credence to the belief that,Nigeria’s many ills and predicaments is a result of bad leadership.

Rightly or wrongly, the statement by the former president emphasised the consensus that the problem of the country stems from bad leadership. The ruling party(PDP) has had the opportunity since the dawn of the Fourth Republic to govern the country at the national level,and there is no doubting the fact they have very well performed below the expectations of the masses whose hopes were high in 1999 when democracy was successfully enthroned

After 14years of civil rule, it is clear that the first enemy that we must address is the issue of bad leadership, that is,getting the right people into office before we begin to address the spate of insecurity,poverty,unemployment and many other issues that bedevil the country. And since the only way to get good leaders is through the platform of a political party,then the emergence of a major opposition party(APC) with a credential of throwing up good and credible candidates has certain implications for our political landscape.

Firstly, for the first time in the recent history of our democracy we are having a viable option and indeed a good threat to PDP dominance at the national level,for this reason it is heartening to note that the next elections will ϐƐ keenly contested and merit will play a huge role, unlike before that we can almost say PDP would win and merit played very little role.

Secondly, Wα̲̅†̥. this portend is that both major political parties APC and PDP will strive to bring up their best ‘jokers’ that can sway the minds of the electorate in their favour. Hence,the resultant of this competition may solve the problem of abject leadership that we all agreed to ϐƐ the major bane of our development,and also we might just see the end of PDP reign at the national level and If that happens, it will suggest that electorate are more aware of their powers to elect the kinds of leaders they want and our democracy is heading in the right direction.


About Oluwatobi Olagunju

International Relations graduate, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife,Osun state,Nigiera.
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