After this plane crash…

The plane crash that occured this morning, at about 9:45 am, is very shocking and painful, to say the least. I’ll move past the details of what happened to the questions that yet another plane crash raise.
I earnestly hope that the technical investigations of what caused the crash would be made public soon enough. Was this an incident of pilot error or mechanical fault? If it was a mechanical fault was this something that could have been detected earlier and that might have led to the phasing out of this aircraft?
Already, a number of people are pointing to the Aviation ministry in characteristic disappointment and criticism… The government and its ministries, departments, and agencies concerned would be better off issuing satisfactory explanations of what has happened real soon and what they are going to do about it, about the whole flight system. Someone, somewhere ought to take responsibility. And something tangible ought to be done to reaching out to those families involved. These people were going to receive the body of their late hero, Olusegun Agagu, in celebration of his life time. But now, they take on the sober and grave look of mourners, mourning for their loved ones who have lost their own lives.
This is not an isolated event. It is not isolated for a thousand men and women who are about taking a flight in one of our several airports. It is not an isolated event for those who want to put trust in our air traffic control system, in flight companies operating in our airspace, and in the government for their safe travel…
I hope this is the last provocating accident that would stir fear and unrest in the minds of air travellers. And for this hope to come true, someone, some institution must take this as a priority and engage every resource available- finance, man power, and computer networks- to see that it is achieved in the shortest possible time. And then, that it is maintained and improved.


About Johnson Boyede

Johnson Boyede, B.Sc in International Relations. He wrote 'Addressing terrorism in Nigeria and possible spill over into West Africa' for his Long Essay. He contributes scholarly writings to an open facebook group, 'League of Diplomats'. He agrees and runs with the opinion of Paul Romer that, "Knowledge is a non-rival nature and only partly excludable... In an open society, knowledge's non-rival nature means that a piece of new information can be used over and over again, by different people, in varying contexts and to make new good piece of knowledge will live several lifetimes, undergo different iterations and be put to ever more unique purposes."
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