The dynamics that surround the continuous flow of things globally are most tomes free of explained phenomenon considering the unbridled patterns that connect one civilization to another. Key to this position is the connected lines that alleviate the effort of man to bring ease and on the fore scale comfort in every endeavor. Attached to this thought is the way work is done, stress eliminated and ultimately the expression of man unlimited ability to create sustainable and workable pattern effectively communicated.

From the far to cast back to, man has moved from one level of energy use to another. this ingenuity give boundless room to explore option beginning with animal use to get work done and then to the development of mechanical efficient methods that surfaced from the Industrial revolution in Europe, the emergence of America and the commercial and expansionist venture that tilted the binocular of exploration to Africa, the middle east and the far east (Asia). This widening scope is chronicled beginning from the coal that set in motion the commercial strength of the British Civilization  and its response to the development of America through business men like Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie who redefined energy use.Image

Energy needs has taken a promiscuous response to global population growth, scientific and intellectual mastery, and even the notion of defence put up by states to counter balance threat from others. However, as an array of issue surrounding global health and sustainability has become key subjects at for and roundtable. Energy top gun  who run multinational corporation and earth sensitive buddies and advocates have continually disagreed on position such as carbon emission reduction creating channel for full utility on Renewable.

Aside, health and sustainability ground, Conventional energy sources even in the most abundant region of the world are approaching the red line of depletion. Oil in the United Arab Emirate is predicted to stop flowing in 2025, Nigeria set at 2053 if new well are not discovered. The move into alternative brought about the use of nuclear energy, a position every nation is trying to pace away from today to avoid label and borrowing from Japan Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 and the recent Syrian abuse with chemical weapon.


More option exist and in a couple of read, we will open up the possibilities that renewable energy offer, the pros and cons, who enjoys the tides and the risk to bear.



Passionate about development and how to make it work in all terrain.
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