National Conference would correct national structures

In the article, ‘No magic wand to Nigeria’s difficulty as a nation’, Sonubi Tobi shows that the political landscape in Nigeria seriously questions the effectiveness of the proposed national conference in resolving Nigeria’s many problems. I agree. But I would like us to understand that the proponents of Sovereign National Conference aim at addressing the fundamental issues that easily beset us and not the symptoms that Sonubi highlights in his write up. You wouldn’t disagree with me that most of the problems Nigeria faces as a country come from the issues of ethnicity; minority group; resource control; belief system(religion); power struggle; and lack of trust, belief and faith in the entity called Nigeria. These are the core issues that must be addressed lest those symptoms of corruption,insecurity and lack of patriotism persist.
While the Conference might not solve all the problems at once, it will set the structures and the institutions right. And once the structures and institutions are right, the problems of insecurity, corruption, issues of ethnicity,minority group,religious differences,and power struggle will be brought to the barest minimum if not totally extinct.
What I mean by ‘setting the structures and institutions right’ is that the Conference if faithfully implemented will come up with a ‘document’ which will address the interest of every member of the ‘union’ which will be based strictly on a fiscal federalism whereby every constituent part is granted full autonomy to actualize its potential.
Lastly, I am of the opinion that, in fact it makes sense that after 100 years of ‘marriage’ to review the ‘union’ especially a union that has suffered many setbacks.

Sonubi’s ‘No magic wand to Nigeria’s difficulty as a nation’ is accessible at


About Oluwatobi Olagunju

International Relations graduate, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife,Osun state,Nigiera.
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