No Magic Wand to Nigeria’s Difficulty as a Nation.

You say that Nigeria’s political culture is fraught with self destructive behaviours, which make it difficult for the diverse sections of the country to trust each others word, even in dialogues. This is a perception problem. How do we solve it?

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I would love to begin my line of thought right away, but I am tempted to draw an analogy which might perhaps help bring all to the same page as me.
There is a house (Green Compound) whose tenant and occupant had overtime found them selves living together within the same compound each choosing to relate with other neighbours of his; based on his own intuition and sense of individual ego. Coupled with a zest and hunger for power and control of the mini-marts, playground, water facility and most importantly, the opportunity to act as the chief tenant, appointing one’s friends and family members as agents for rent on behalf of the landlord; who has been away most of the time during the existence of the compound.
The cohabitation of this House mates over time has been a bitter sweet experience with a few too many fist-cuffs among the occupant…

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About Johnson Boyede

Johnson Boyede, B.Sc in International Relations. He wrote 'Addressing terrorism in Nigeria and possible spill over into West Africa' for his Long Essay. He contributes scholarly writings to an open facebook group, 'League of Diplomats'. He agrees and runs with the opinion of Paul Romer that, "Knowledge is a non-rival nature and only partly excludable... In an open society, knowledge's non-rival nature means that a piece of new information can be used over and over again, by different people, in varying contexts and to make new good piece of knowledge will live several lifetimes, undergo different iterations and be put to ever more unique purposes."
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