[Commentary] Preferring excellence over sentiments in Nigeria’s politics

He who refuses to learn from history is bound to repeat its mistakes. We have many nations around the world that are in the same shoes with Nigeria in this regard and most of them are making progress in face of these challenges: we should learn. U.S.A is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many countries, on the order hand also, India is as well religiously divided yet they are able to overcome, to a larger extent, the challenges it posed to their national development. Nigeria should learn from these nations in order to better our lots.
This however can’t be achieved without a visionary, courageous and unbiased leader occupying the helm of affairs of this nation. It only takes a leader of such pedigree to make Nigeria like what the USA is today: amidst people of diverse background.
We need a leader that will be courageous enough to restructure the structures on ground such that what emerges would give zero tolerance to any form of tribal/religious sentiments in decision making at all level.
In addition to this distinct style of leadership, the old-fashioned quota system must be abolished from all sectors of the economy, while merit system should be enthroned because that will help us set our priority right by placing EXCELLENCE above any form of tribal/religious attachments.
I also advocate that a two party system should be adopted as it will help to further abate, if not eradicate in its totality the formation of parties along ethnic or religious lines. For instance, the 1993 election, contested under a two party system, was a pointer to this fact. For the first time in Nigeria’s history, Nigerians from both North and South voted overwhelmingly for a particular candidate without any sentiments attached. A two party system will go a long way in making us a “one Nigeria” we have been craving for.
With these in place, I believe that this menace that is crippling the development of our dear country will fizzle out in a piece meal fashion. It’s true that Nigeria is a marriage of convenience, but what matters now is that the “union” had been formed, thus we can’t shy away from the responsibility of making this marriage work out for good.
He who refuses to learn from history is bound to repeat its mistake.

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