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Johnson Boyede, B.Sc in International Relations. He wrote 'Addressing terrorism in Nigeria and possible spill over into West Africa' for his Long Essay. He contributes scholarly writings to an open facebook group, 'League of Diplomats'. He agrees and runs with the opinion of Paul Romer that, "Knowledge is a non-rival nature and only partly excludable... In an open society, knowledge's non-rival nature means that a piece of new information can be used over and over again, by different people, in varying contexts and to make new good piece of knowledge will live several lifetimes, undergo different iterations and be put to ever more unique purposes."

Nigeria: The pain of (oil) subsidy and the joy of its removal .

For a long time, I have thought that the subsidy was unnecessary and a financial black hole. More accurately I think most government subsidies, especially when the government is involved as a producer/supplier, is wasteful. Such subsidies discourage true competition … Continue reading

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Data-driven discussion on Nigeria’s economy

The Naira is weakening against the Dollar. One significant way the government has responded to this is to peg the official exchange rate at no more than 200 NGN to 1 USD. The central bank seeks to reduce local supply … Continue reading

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Boko Haram abductions: Beyond Chibok

On April 14, 2014, 276 school girls were abducted from their dormitories by Boko Haram in Chibok, Borno state. The latest from the government on this matter, at the time of this writing, is that it has ‘no reliable intelligence on … Continue reading

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State of the Republic

The current trend of the naira and shortfall in the government’s budget is not very surprising, given the fact that the oil market is the country’s major earner on the international front. It is said that at least 70% of … Continue reading

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Nigeria: Smart plans, not reactionary, should drive removal of fuel subsidy.

News reports have it that the government has finally cut off fuel subsidy. Normally, that should excite me. Something doesn’t feel right, at least for now. Hopefully a detailed government rationale behind this would come out soon enough. Global crude … Continue reading

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Critiquing the lines: Why Bill to prohibit “frivolous” petitions is anti good governance

Here is my critique (analysis) of “the bill for an Act to prohibit frivolous petitions and other matters concerned therewith” Let’s refer to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s Establishment Act. “The EFCC Establishment Act mandates the EFCC to combat … Continue reading

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Proposed ‘act to prohibit frivolous petitions’ is anti good governance

“The Senate has said its proposed bill, which sets out to heavily punish those who “falsely” criticise government officials and institutions, is misunderstood. The bill [is] titled: “Bill for an Act to Prohibit Frivolous Petitions and other Matters Connected therewith”, … Continue reading

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